Economy July 15, 2021 | 12:29 pm

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The Dominican Republic – best Golf Real Estate Destination in the Caribbean

26 marvelous golf courses, the climate that allows playing during 12 months of the year, combined with the quality of the facilities, the security, the beaches, and the friendliness of the people, make the Dominican Republic the golf destination par excellence.

The growing desire to live in a healthier environment and the option of teleworking have triggered the demand in the residential tourism market. More and more families are seeking, totally or partially, to migrate to the coastal areas of the Dominican Republic, to enjoy an environment of nature, beaches, gastronomy and healthy social life, away from the noise and pollution of big cities.

Especially the eastern and southeastern areas of the country are experiencing a true explosion of Residential Tourism. Both, demand and supply, are growing daily.

The new online portal helps buyers to find their way around the wide range of new constructions and already established projects, to be able to compare offers and find the property that really makes their dream come true, we have created the portal

This platform is a tool for both, investors and for people looking to relocate or to rent. The platform offers useful information about properties for sale and rent, new and under construction real estate projects, and details about the magnificent golf courses. All this in order to help you make the right decision as you take this big step towards a more enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

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