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Price differences between brands, types of products such as rice, chicken and beans range from 20 to 76 pesos.

Santo Domingo, DR


Yesterday the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mypimes (MICM) presented the Fair Prices platform, which shows the prices of the main food products in various establishments.

Upon conducting a survey today, it was not possible to find many differences because, in the system, many basic foodstuffs appear at the same price in supermarkets, markets, and colmados.

However, there were notable price differences by type and brand of some products.

The 10-pound package of San Rafael selects rice costs RD$ 254.65, and the super select Pinco premium RD$ 331.28, for a difference of RD$76.63. A pound of Bisonó rice in some grocery stores costs RD$28.00 and in others RD$45.00, for a difference of RD$17.00.

Logically, prices vary according to the quality of the product and, in many cases, only by the establishment’s location.

Between a pound of fresh and frozen chicken, there is a price difference of almost RD$20. A pound of freshly processed chicken can cost RD$80.45, and a pound of frozen processed chicken RD$60.48.

Pinto beans are listed at RD$48.33, while red and yacomelo beans can exceed over RD$70.

Catalog details

The app Precios Justos, which can be downloaded to your cell phone, contains weekly updated prices from monitoring between Monday and Thursday. They are updated every Friday, the portal explains.

“The price information available on this APP is verified, updated and presented under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes,” it specifies.

It should be noted that the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) has a similar system that was put into operation in 2018.

The Dominican Price Information System (SIDIP) of Pro Consumidor allows verification and comparing the main products of the basic basket, medicines, and hardware products.

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