Economy January 21, 2022 | 12:03 pm

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Agribusiness products experience price hikes every day, say experts

Sales have fallen according to sellers.

Shopping in a supermarket or one of the capital’s markets is now almost the same. Although there are differences in prices, the high cost of goods, according to buyers, results in the family’s salary buying less every day.

According to buyers and sellers, the prices of most agricultural products have been rising since last month, which has affected sales and purchasing power.

“One buys because one has to buy, but this is not easy, said Wendy de Los Santos, who regularly buys at the Merca Santo Domingo.

For his part, Pablo Mateo said that the population has become accustomed to the increases in the price of products from time to time “because there is no other way.”

“The Government and the Ministry of Agriculture say they are supporting production, but look how much onions, garlic, lemons are already costing. So what is being done,” he added.

Meanwhile, vendors at the Merca and Mercado Nuevo de Villas Agrícolas assured that their sales have been dropping after the December holidays.

“One day it sells, another more or less, but that’s the way we are,” explained José Cuevas.

Yesterday, in the Merca Santo Domingo and the Villa Consuelo Market, there were few buyers, while in the supermarkets, there was more affluence of people.

A tour of the markets and supermarkets showed differences of up to RD$5.00 between the same agricultural products.

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January 22, 2022 8:39 pm

Smh Dominicans now we are subject to the same prices as tourist and we make 20 times less than they do