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UNEV strengthens sustainable agriculture programs with new “solar dryer”

Santo Domingo, DR

The National Evangelical University (UNEV), through the Center for Scientific Research and Technology Development (TECUNEV), inaugurated a “solar dryer,” which will allow the development of scientific research aimed at separating the liquid from sugar cane bagasse and using it as fuel without spoiling the product. The machine will also enable fruits to be dehydrated without altering their nutrients.

The person in charge of the project, Julio Alejandro Abril, explained that the initiative is part of an investigation financed by the National Fund for Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCYT) and comes to reinforce the education and training of students from different careers, specialists integral, graduate university students in this branch of scientific work, also allowing participants to carry out-degree theses integrating theory with practice and teaching with research.

The activity where the novel object was presented was chaired by the academy’s rector, Dr. Juan Guerrero Ávila, who maintained that this strengthens the actions carried out by the university in terms of research with this technology that does not harm the environment or environment.

Diógenes Aybar, Director of Research at UNEV, said the solar dryer is ready. Its use prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting the fruits to be dried, the drying time, and the quality of the final product.

“The machine is part of a large project to face a possible famine, a food crisis that comes from 2023, due to problems in the supply chain, problems with Covid-19, adding to the increase in supplies and materials premium of foods that are increasing; so we need food security,” added Aybar.

About solar dryer

It is one of the latest technologies globally, which can be installed in any field, allowing it not to consume electricity. It has several extractors to control humidity and temperature, powered by a solar panel.

It is located within the entire research project line of the academy. The new device will allow integration of the teaching activity with the university’s research, achieving a link between both things; this to graduate comprehensive university specialists who can integrate their knowledge in investigative activities and train them in the mission’s objectives, vision, and values ​​of UNEV.

Its relationship with other investigations

The project is added to the entire “line of projects” that the academy has been carrying out through the research department, linked to agriculture, with financial support from the MESCyT.

Among these scientific investigations, the organic cocoa project is mentioned, research on “mango and cocoa antioxidants,” energy cane (generates bio-mass fuel), to this is added three new projects related to “Dehydration of agricultural products,” with microwave and vacuum equipment, “The development of new fertilizers:” urea base with controlled leveling, and the “Energy Cana” project, aimed at planting the product in difficult soils.

With these investigations carried out and others in the process, the UNEV strengthens its efforts in priority areas for the country, that is, such as agri-food, organic agriculture, agro-ecology, agro-apothecary, sustainable animal production, regenerative agriculture, agricultural mechatronics, and others, developed through the Technology Research and Development Center, and the UNEV Technological Institute, located in Villa Altagracia.

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