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Beef registers an increase of up to RD$35 per pound

Santo Domingo, DR.
Whether stewed, fried, or in broth, preparing a dish with beef is complicated by the high price of this product in the different grocery stores, butcher shops, and supermarkets of Greater Santo Domingo.

Although in some establishments the price of this meat is high due to the different cuts and types, in other stands, the increase is attributed to the inflationary situation which has been prevailing for several months in different countries.

In a consultation made by Listín Diario to several of these businesses, it was verified that the price of the beef remains sky high with the passing of the days.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes (MICM), through its application “Fair Prices,” keeps the population updated with the cost of the products of the basic basket, in this case, beef. However, these do not correspond to reality.

In this platform, it was visualized that the pound of beef costs RD$185, but in the establishments of the Livestock Fair, it is around RD$220, that is, RD$35 above the established price, for an increase of 18%.

Likewise, the institution reports that the pound of beef brisket is RD$128, while in the stores, it is around RD$170, representing an increase of 32.81% in relation to the price given by the authorities.

Francisca Taveras, who lives in Invivienda in Santo Domingo East, informed Listín Diario that for her family of four members to consume beef, she has to have more than RD$200 and that in most cases, it does not enjoy to have quality.

“I buy a package of a pound for RD$250 in a supermarket that we all know… It is difficult to afford good food because of how everything is,” the lady expressed.

In this context, another citizen, Marcela Pujols, said that she accompanies her mother to the supermarket and has witnessed the increase in prices of the articles in the family basket.

“I see the prices when I go to the supermarket with my mother and it is like this, beef is expensive,” she stressed.

Pork meat with up to RD$30 more than the established prices
Pork remains cheaper than beef in markets, grocery stores, and butcher’s shops, despite the fact that it goes around at a higher price than that established by the authorities.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reports that a pound of this product is around RD$106, but in these stores, it reaches a price of RD$130 to RD$135, that is, RD$29 above.

The director of Proconsumidor, Eddy Alcántara, assured in recent days that they have managed to stabilize the prices of the products of the basic food basket two weeks after the signing of the so-called “Pact for Fair Prices.”

He revealed that they had held several meetings with representatives of supermarkets, grocery stores, and warehouses to generate mechanisms to facilitate or decrease the cost of operations of these merchants.

Alcántara said that both grocers and retailers have been willing to materialize the agreement, saying that they have helped to keep products stable during the last two weeks.

“Precios Justos” is an app available for Android and IOS, free of charge. Also on the website To consult the prices of products.

The price of products in the country varies in colmados, supermarkets, grocery stores, and others.

The National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Proconsumidor) also manages a price control platform.

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bernie sierra
September 6, 2022 11:50 am

Sometimes you read this news articles and they seems to be misleading. A pound of beef doesn’t cost 170 pesos. That is a total lie. I buy beef all of the time and it doesn’t cost that much. First grade ground beef cost around 145 pesos.