Economy November 12, 2022 | 11:42 am

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Government contemplates social aid for RD$92.4 billion

The government distributes aid through bonds.

Santo Domingo, DR
In the 2022 Budget, RD$92.4 billion is contemplated for social protection to mitigate the impact of external shocks that affected inflation and contribute with protection measures in vulnerable sectors.

Of these, the Government contemplates the delivery of bonds to vulnerable families, such as RD$1.5 billion in support to families, RD$2 billion in Christmas bonds, and bonds to cover the education of children in schools because they did not find places in schools, among others.

The amount executed by the Presidency of the Republic in the first nine months of this year amounted to RD$52.4 billion, which was mainly used in the social protection program, which includes the transfers of the Supérate program for RD$19.9 billion, the LPG subsidy to households for RD$4.5 billion and the “Bono Luz” subsidy for RD$1.6 billion, among others.


The social assistance bonds are delivered through the Social Policy Cabinet, Supérate, the Social Subsidies Administrator (ADESS), and other institutions such as the elderly and other branches of the State.

For the expansion of Supérate, the appropriation of resources is an additional RD$5.9 billion this year. In addition, RD$1.2 billion was for the Social Plan.

The “Bono saldo mi hogar,” for RD$2 billion recently launched by President Luis Abinader so that more than 8,000 families who have acquired homes in the projects built by INVI can develop their property titles.

The first home bonds include ITBIS exemption, initial family bond, woman bond, and bank support rate bond so that more vulnerable people can benefit from the National Housing Plan “Familia Feliz” (Happy Family).

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Paul Tierney
November 13, 2022 9:14 am

Just wonder how many of the “BONO navideño” cards will end up in hands they were not intended for? Suspect many !