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801,878 cruise passengers visited the Dominican Republic in the first three months of 2023

Haina River Port, SDO, DR
The director of the Dominican Port Authority (Apordom), Jean Luis Rodríguez, informed this Wednesday that some 801, 878 cruise passengers have arrived in the Dominican Republic, through the country’s different ports, compared to 337, 715 who visited the country in 2021.

Through a message on his Twitter account, Rodriguez assured that: “We continue to experience a vertiginous and exponential growth in the arrival of cruise passengers and this is evidenced by figures such as these that reflect that we have registered an increase of 237.44% in the arrival of passengers through the different ports of the country”.

According to data from the Port Authority, in January 2023, 272,005 passengers were received compared to 106,589 that arrived in the country in the same month of 2022, for an increase of 255.19 %.

In February of this year, 250,918 passengers set foot on Dominican soil, representing an increase of 256.54 % compared to the 97,808 that disembarked in February 2022.

While for March, there was an increase of 209.24%, with 278,955 tourists arriving in the country via cruise passengers, while on March 22, there were 133,318.

Rodriguez emphasized: “With these numbers we have shown in the last two years, we have managed to diversify the platform for receiving tourists, and we are just one step away from being the leading cruise hub in the region.”

He added: “With the arrival of these ships and their thousands of passengers by sea, we are promoting the development and dynamization of the economy in various parts of the country.”

The terminals receiving the most ships are Amber Cove and Taíno Bay, both in Puerto Plata, and La Romana, Samaná, and Santo Domingo.

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