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Luis Abinader says agreement between Minerd and ADP will bring peace of mind to the education sector

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader presided over the signing of a significant agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) aimed at improving the quality of education in the country. The agreement addresses important issues such as respect for teaching hours, salary increases, pensions, and access to health services for teachers.

President Abinader expressed his gratitude to the ADP for their work in defending their union and highlighted that the agreement will bring unprecedented benefits to the teaching profession. He emphasized that this agreement will positively impact education and educational quality in the long term, benefitting the students and the entire education sector.

The agreement ensures the effective compliance with the school calendar and hours in all public educational centers in the country, with commitments from regional, district, and center directorates, as well as the Associations of Parents, Mothers, and Friends of the School (APMAE). It also supports various pedagogical initiatives to improve learning outcomes.

Furthermore, the agreement includes a salary increase for retired teachers and pensioners, to be implemented gradually from 2023. The MINERD also commits to a salary increase for teachers in the Dominican Pre-University Educational System in 2024, with the percentage and application to be discussed in the same year. An incentive for center directors will also be created.

Other notable points in the agreement include the construction of two hospitals in the southern and eastern regions, managed by the National Health Service (SNS), and support for the development of five teacher recreation centers.

To ensure compliance with the initiatives, the agreement establishes permanent bilateral commissions and recognizes the role of the Ombudsman in monitoring and mediating the fulfillment of the agreements. The agreement is seen as a step towards improving education and securing a better future for the Dominican Republic.

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