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Celso Marranzini describes the study that Punta Catalina maintains as “ecoterrorism and a broken record” that could end in catastrophe

Santo Domingo.-The Executive Vice President of the Punta Catalina Electric Generation Company (EGEPC), Celso Marranzini, recently addressed concerns about the Punta Catalina power plant during an interview on the program “El Día” broadcast by Telesistema. He discussed the accusations the plant has faced from the climate change committee.

Marranzini mentioned that when he took over, he found the plant facing challenges, including a lack of spare parts, low coal inventory levels, and demotivated staff due to a lack of necessary contact from management. However, he emphasized that the plant was still operational. The issues were swiftly addressed through coal and lime tenders and inventory management.

Regarding previous disagreements about spare parts, Marranzini stated that the previous administrator had a dispute over whether the consortium owed him spare parts or if he had to purchase them.

He responded to concerns raised by Enrique de León of the climate change committee, who suggested there could be dangerous issues at Punta Catalina. Marranzini called this assertion irresponsible and based on a technical audit from six months ago, which he felt had been circulated repeatedly without being acted upon.

Marranzini asserted that Punta Catalina currently poses no danger and is responsible for generating 30% of the Dominican Republic’s electricity. He criticized the harm caused by false accusations and referred to it as ecoterrorism, emphasizing the negative impact on tourism and exports.

The climate change committee has proposed the immediate closure of the Punta Catalina Power Plant based on their independent investigation’s findings on its environmental impact. They argue that the plant’s construction using mineral coal was a mistake from the beginning and should be shut down due to potential health and environmental risks.

Their report suggests that in the worst-case scenario, the pollution from the plant could result in premature deaths, sick leave, lost years of life, and disabilities in the Peravia province.

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Paul Tierney
September 12, 2023 9:07 am

Punta Catalina has been the albatross around the country’s neck since day one of its origin. It was seeded with good intentions and fertilized by corruptions of all types.