Economy October 8, 2023 | 10:00 am

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Economy reports 84% increase in budget for Non-Profit Associations

Santo Domingo.- The National Center for the Development and Promotion of Nonprofit Associations (CASFL) of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development reported an 84% increase in the budget for nonprofit associations working with children, older people, and people with disabilities.

Thus, the budget went from RD$280 million in 2020 to RD$517 million in 2024 to improve the quality of the projects implemented in partnership with the ASFLs.

CASFL specifies that in the ASFL budget for 2024, funds have been recommended for 755 nonprofit organizations operating in 16 different areas of action, with a total budget of RD$2,389,137,516, representing an increase of 4% about 2023 and 26% about 2019.

In addition, it maintains that six organizations have been reallocated to the ASFL budget for a correct imputation of spending, with an amount of RD$529,857,869. This adds up to 761 NPOs for an amount of RD$ 2,918,995,385.

The governing body notes that by 2024, some 1,000 NPOs submitted projects aligned with the priority policies of the National Multi-Year Public Sector Plan (PNPSP), with the objective that the organizations’ activities respond to the population’s needs.

Most recommended organizations (420 ASFLs) will impact the policy: “Towards a comprehensive policy for the creation of opportunities.” In second and third place, the NPOs will contribute to the guidelines: “Towards quality education with equity” and “access to universal health.”

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