Economy November 12, 2023 | 12:00 pm

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President Luis Abinader inaugurates five new companies in the Industrial Free Trade Zone Park of Tamboril Santiago

Santiago – President Luis Abinader Corona inaugurated five new companies that are part of the Tamboril Free Zone Park, among which are Gold Factory, dedicated to the manufacture of gold and silver jewelry; Eco Therm, which manufactures polystyrene products, construction panels, and aluminum and steel elements. There is also Las Antillas Tobacco Company, dedicated to tobacco processing; MVersal, which manufactures packaging products; and José Méndez, dedicated to the cultivation and processing of tobacco, which will contribute to creating some 1,100 new direct jobs.

During the inauguration ceremony and in his speech, Mr. Mícalo Bermúdez, president of the Tamboril Industrial Zone Park, emphasized that this Free Zone park, founded in 1997, has shown continuous growth since its beginning, generating significant support to the sector in the Province of Santiago, where 23 Dominican and foreign companies operate in 50 buildings, generating 6,600 direct jobs. He also announced that the second stage of the industrial Park, where today five other companies are being inaugurated, is working on the conclusion and incorporation of 7 different buildings in the completion process and three others in the construction phase.

This new stage is expected to generate 4,500 new jobs and export over 200 million dollars. During its 26 years of operation, the Tamboril Industrial Park has been characterized as being a model company with marked differentiation strategies, especially in the area of services, among them 24 hours a day, seven days a week dining rooms and cafeterias, medical dispensary for all personnel, transportation for employees, personnel recruitment services, and security and uninterrupted monitoring; all designed in modern infrastructure, designed with the highest quality standards, environmentally friendly, validated by its local and international clients.

Also noteworthy are its industrial warehouses, ten meters high, three dining rooms with a capacity for six thousand employees per shift, harmonious landscaping and green areas, avenues of circulation of twelve meters wide, parking for light vehicles, signage and lighting throughout the enclosure, three entrances with security, surveillance, and inspection of the General Directorate of Customs.

In the year 2021, the expansion of the Second Stage began with the real estate development, which includes twenty industrial buildings, two general dining rooms, an executive restaurant, two new accesses with security, surveillance, and inspection of the General Directorate of Customs, a fire station and ambulance, two emergency water tanks, an electrical substation, a training and continuing education center of INFOTEP. The representatives of the new companies highlighted the excellent investment climate offered by the Dominican Republic.

During the protocol ceremony, a video presentation of the facilities of the Tamboril Industrial Free Zone Park was made, together with the words of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó, who is also president of the National Council of Free Zones.

For his part, the Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Mipymes, Victor-Ito Bisono Haza, said that this is the third Park in terms of employment generation in Santiago and the ninth in the whole country, currently housing 3,464 direct jobs, which represents a total of 3,464 jobs.

It currently has 3,464 direct jobs, representing 6.3% of the total employment of free zones in Santiago.

Ito Bisono highlighted that as of September, this Park registered exports for a total of 38.4 million dollars, equivalent to 29% of the total exported by the free zones of the province of Santiago. This Park represents a contribution to the region and the country, both economically and socially, and today’s inaugurations will contribute in both senses.

Also present were José Paliza, Minister of the Presidency; Deligne Ascención Burgos, Minister of Public Works; Luis De Camps, Minister of Labor; Carlos Bonilla, Minister of Housing; Eduardo Estrella, Senator for Santiago; Rosa Santos, Governor of Santiago, Ulises Rodríguez, Director of Proindustria, Anyelino Germosén, Mayor of Tamboril, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, Director of Customs, Daniel Liranzo, Director of the Export Free Zones Council, Luis Bonilla Bojos, Director of the Free Zones Association; together with representatives of the business associations, the AFP, partners, businessmen, friends, and relatives.

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