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Barrik Pueblo Viejo earns prestigious Igualando Republic Dominicana Platinum Seal for gender equality

Santo Domingo.- Barrick Pueblo Viejo, a leading mining company in the Dominican Republic, has been awarded the prestigious Igualando RD Platinum Seal. This recognition, a part of a certification program by the Ministry of Women and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is in acknowledgment of the company’s sustained efforts in promoting gender equality and providing equal employment opportunities.

Since 2020, Pueblo Viejo has demonstrated a strong commitment to gender equality, achieving the Gold level certification initially by meeting 80% of the requirements set under the Quality Management Model for Gender Equality (MGIG). Their practices and policies, audited by UNDP, the Ministry of Women, and the Dominican Quality Institute (INDOCAL), have maintained high compliance over four consecutive years.

This year’s upgrade to the Platinum Seal reflects Pueblo Viejo’s dedication to eliminating gender gaps within its workforce, which currently boasts a 24% female representation. The company, led by President Juana Barceló, aims to dispel the myth that mining is not a place for women by continuously working towards gender balance and encouraging women to take up operational roles.

Pueblo Viejo, a joint venture between Barrick (60%) and Newmont (40%), is located approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Santo Domingo. Since beginning its development in 2009 and commencing production in 2012, the company has maintained a workforce that is 97% Dominican, reflecting its commitment to sustainable development and economic empowerment in the Dominican Republic.

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