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Dajabón traders urge Government to negotiate with Haiti amid border closure rumors

Dajabon.- Merchants from Dajabón have called on the Dominican government for urgent dialogue with Haiti, amidst growing concerns over potential border closure by Haitian authorities. This call for dialogue follows speculations about Haiti’s plans to shut the border soon, a move that could severely impact cross-border trade.

The request for talks comes alongside appeals from Dajabón market merchants for the Dominican government to ease restrictions imposed on Haiti. These restrictions were a response to Haiti’s unauthorized construction of a canal in Juana Méndez, aimed at diverting water from the Massacre River.

Noel Fernández, president of the Dajabón Market merchants association, highlighted the need for visa flexibility to quell these rumors and restore normalcy in the region. He emphasized the importance of clear communication and cooperation to prevent misunderstandings.

Abigail Bueno, president of the market retailers’ association, expressed her hesitancy to purchase goods, especially perishables, for fear of a sudden border closure. This uncertainty is causing apprehension among traders who rely on the bustling border market for their livelihoods.

The potential closure of the border poses a significant threat to the economic activity between Juana Méndez and Dajabón, potentially leading to substantial financial losses. Merchants like Bueno are keenly awaiting a diplomatic resolution, hoping for a proactive approach from the Dominican government to engage in discussions with Haitian officials and avert any trade disruptions.

This situation underscores the delicate balance of cross-border relations and the vital role of diplomatic dialogue in maintaining regional stability and economic prosperity.

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January 3, 2024 11:36 am

keep it closed, people seem happier. Thats what happens when you FAAFO

O. Suarez
January 3, 2024 5:10 pm
Reply to  platanofrito

You are ignorant and ill-informed. No one is happy on either side of the border with this situation. My family are business owners in Dajabon, and the town is suffering from this economic loss. It was avoidable and it backfired on this administration and their heavy-handed tactics. Lots of DOMINICAN works at CODEVI has lost their jobs as well.

January 4, 2024 11:59 pm
Reply to  O. Suarez

Not until they have a more stable government in Haiti. The border is too porous and many illegals are trafficed in by police, military and border gaurds. Besides the markets along the border (trade surplus) only boost total Dominican GDP by 10%. this is why Abinader has dropped all import tarifs from all other countries on foreign produce for 6 months. He’s trying keep prices down before the election.