Economy January 15, 2024 | 10:52 am

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Promegan: revolutionizing Dominican livestock for sustainable growth

Santo Domingo.- The Livestock Improvement Project in the Dominican Republic, Promegan, achieved 17,000 inseminations by enhancing 13 existing artificial insemination services and establishing 12 new ones. Funded by the Presidency of the Republic, the program, conducted in collaboration with Conaleche and Livestock, aims to boost livestock herd productivity and promote sustainability in Dominican livestock farming.

Promegan focuses on two main components: promoting improved pastures and genetic herd improvement. In genetic improvement, it conducts reproductive diagnoses and implements the Fixed Time Insemination (IATF) technique, donating semen straws to support ranchers. The program also donated tanks to aid insemination activities.

In pasture enhancement, 116,500 plots were planted, and support measures, including “grass in hand,” led to 55,000 tasks across various provinces. Seed donations and herbicide distribution further promoted pasture development.

To strengthen institutional capacities, Promegan acquired 40 all-terrain vehicles and 50 motorcycles. The project also secured 130 technological tools, enhancing assistance and supervision in land labeling, grass planting, and genetic improvement processes in livestock production.

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Paul Tierney
January 16, 2024 2:00 pm

This program is worth spending the treasury money as it will help diversify the economy and maybe provide good quality products for consumers. The program should make sure there is enough lands available to increase sustainability and productivity. It has been the case farmers in prime locations could not compete, they have been losing revenue, who then opted to sell their lands to investors and tourism related enterprises.