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AFI Universal leading Dominican investment market

Santo Domingo.- The Universal Investment Fund Management Company (AFI Universal) has announced that it surpassed the milestone of US$1,000 million in assets at the end of December 2023, marking a record in the Dominican stock market.

Diego Luis Mera, the Executive Vice President of AFI Universal, emphasized that this historic achievement solidifies the company’s position as the unquestioned leader among investment fund management firms in the Dominican stock market. He sees it as setting a new standard for excellence and trust in financial management.

Mera specified that securing the top spot in the market in terms of assets and the amount of managed funds reflects AFI Universal’s exceptional position and its ability to effectively handle diversified investment portfolios.

The executive highlighted that AFI Universal’s array of funds has not only contributed to this unprecedented success but also offers investors a diversified range of options tailored to their objectives and risk profiles.

“This historic achievement reflects the commitment to excellence and underscores the trust placed by clients. We look forward with enthusiasm to the future and are committed to continuing to provide quality financial services, seeking innovative opportunities for the benefit of clients that promote sustainable development in our country,” said Mera.

He pointed out that AFI Universal provides investment funds with diversified portfolios to support the aspirations of investors, who play a significant role in the economic and social development of the nation. The company manages five open and seven closed funds.

Mera explained that closed investment funds, primarily accessed by professional and institutional investors through authorized stock exchanges, aim to address the social and environmental needs of the country. This involves channeling private capital into housing projects to enhance access to decent, quality housing and clean and renewable energy infrastructures that not only reduce the carbon footprint but also create jobs and contribute to community development.

Regarding open investment funds, accessible to all natural or legal persons, Mera highlighted their role in contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country. These funds provide a competitive investment alternative to make the capital of individuals and the treasury of companies profitable, facilitated by a team of professional investment advisors and managers at the investors’ disposal.

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