Economy February 7, 2024 | 4:07 pm

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ADOZONA forecasts record job growth in DR’s Free Zones for 2024

Santo Domingo, DR.- The Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA) has released projections indicating significant job growth in 2024, surpassing the historic milestone of 200,000 direct jobs within the country’s free zones.

Luis José Bonilla Bojos, President of ADOZONA, emphasized the sector’s pivotal role in the national economy, recognized as a primary catalyst for growth and development. It makes a substantial contribution, not only in attracting foreign investment and promoting exports but also in directly creating opportunities for society.

“The creation of over 200,000 direct jobs in the free zones signifies a positive impact, not only on the country’s economy but also signifies progress and sustenance for thousands of Dominican families. This achievement fills us with pride and satisfaction,” stated Bonilla Bojos.

Subsectors contributing significantly to job creation include Tobacco and its derivatives, providing 42,341 jobs; services, with 41,322; textile manufacturing, employing 36,647, and medical products and equipment, generating 32,770 jobs.

Currently, there are 820 operational free zone companies and 87 parks. At the national level, the sector contributes over 197,674 direct formal jobs, with more than half occupied by women, exceeding 100,000 jobs and reflecting the sector’s commitment to promoting gender parity.

ADOZONA reiterates its commitment to the sustainable economic development of the Dominican Republic, underscoring the free zone sector’s crucial role as a driver of employment and prosperity.

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