Health April 8, 2020 | 10:06 am

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¡Salud! (But don’t drink!) Rum giant Brugal contributes to the national cause for the benefit of the people

Denatured alcohol, produced by the Casa Brugal Distillery / External source

Denatured alcohol, produced by the Casa Brugal Distillery, will be used to protect patients and health personnel facing the coronavirus health crisis.


SANTO DOMINGO, DR.– The hospitals and public centers of the Dominican Republic are already receiving the alcohol donated by rum giant Casa Brugal, with the purpose of using it as a disinfectant to protect patients and health personnel who are facing, in the front line, the crisis of the coronavirus.

The donation, 150 thousand liters of alcohol denatured at 70 degrees, will reach all hospitals and public health centers in the country through the National Health Service (SNS), the entity that received the donation from the liquor company.

“We reiterate our conviction that together we will continue to build the country of development and well-being that Dominicans deserve, even in such challenging times as these,” Casa Brugal said in a statement addressed to its collaborators to make them participants in the donation.

The company stressed that – being consistent with its commitment to the Dominican Republic and the well-being of its people – recognizes and assumes the priorities that the country has at the moment, which is to overcome the pandemic.

Casa Brugal thanked Vinícola Del Norte, Plastidel and Nesplas for packaging the alcohol and for donating gallon containers and boxes so that the donation could be delivered quickly and safely.

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