Health April 9, 2020 | 2:15 pm

Santiago merchants begin to demand masks be worn by Dominican public

Medical face masks are now considered an essential item to avoid contagion.

Santiago, DR


Commercial establishments authorized to operate during the present national state of emergency such as supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and others, are obligatorily requiring their clients to wear medical face masks to be able to enter their establishments.

Those responsible for these businesses told Listin Diario that they are not asking customers to use gloves because, at the doors, there is a staff that is responsible for disinfecting their hands, but that the use of masks is mandatory. “There are people who are upset, they say that we are conditioning them, but these measures try to protect them, as well as our staff and other customers, so we ask for understanding,” said a person in charge of a renowned Santiago supermarket.

Meanwhile, Rehan Peralta, manager of a pharmacy in the historic center of Santiago, commented that one of the main requirements for entering the business is the use of masks.

“Here we sell the Listin Diario, which started a campaign for the use of masks, with this we are avoiding the spreading of the virus by many people and also the infection of others, so we demand masks before they enter,” said Peralta.

From his side, Jorge Minier complained because while visiting a pharmacy in the city center, they demanded a mask and that when claiming that he did not have one, they recommended that he look for one, or else he could not enter.

It should be noted that most people who walk through the streets of Santiago and visit commercial establishments, bank branches, and other businesses, wear face masks.

“We do not want to take this measure, but we all have to take care of ourselves in the face of this pandemic, simply if they do not have face masks we tell them to get one and put it on,” said a person in charge of a branch of a telephone company.


Supermarkets and pharmacies offer as an alternative option to their customers the sale of fabric masks for 50 pesos.


Merchants also offer gloves, but at no cost, they disinfect customers’ hands at the entrances of their stores.

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