Health May 4, 2020 | 10:35 am

Record of covid-19 infections is recorded; May averages over 320 cases daily in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO.-45 days after the period of forty, the Dominican Republic yesterday reached the highest peak of Covid-19 infections per day, since the first report dated March 20, with 376 new cases.

According to the local representative of the Pan American Health Organization, Alma Morales, this record of cases was seen to come, due to the increase in the proportion of tests carried out over the days.

“This is the largest contagion day in the Dominican Republic, which was seen to come and we are analyzing whether or not it will follow the same course,” the delegate explained to EL DÍA.

The number reported today in Public Health bulletin number 45, exceeded the peak that until today was the highest reported on April 16 with 371 cases. However, it should be noted that in relation to the proportion of tests carried out yesterday, which was 1,923, their positivity is lower than that of April 16, since 1,053 samples were processed by that date.

In other words, yesterday’s positivity percentage was placed in 19% of the analyzes, while for April 16 it was 36%, which may explain the exponential increase in infections.

Since the first day of the quarantine, those affected by Covid-19 have been showing constant growth, with some than other days with downward trends.

For example, on the 20th (first day) and until March 27, those affected by Covid-19 remained below 100, three days later, shooting, since on March 30 they exceeded 200 cases.

Subsequently, the trend remained between 83 cases and 271, until on 14, 16, and 18 the number was raised above 300 cases, being on the 16th the peak with 371. However, since then the contagion line It plummeted to reach 123 cases on April 27, then increased again.

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