Health June 11, 2020 | 2:55 pm

Santiago, Dominican Republic businessmen advocate maintaining measures without a state of emergency

Santiago, Dominican Republic. – Without the need for a state of exception or curfew, businessmen from Santiago reported that they advocate maintaining epidemiological surveillance and hygiene measures such as health prevention, as well as plans and programs to contain the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Compromiso Santiago, which groups business and development institutions of the province, stated that it advocates continuing the de-escalation of closure, that the operation restriction be maintained to the sectors that merit it, and that vulnerable people be protected due to their age or condition. None of this requires the existence of a State of Emergency.

In a statement, they indicated that “the State of Emergency does not in itself constitute a tool to eradicate outbreaks of epidemics, so the virus containment plans can be applied without this restriction, always adopting prevention measures in companies, in transport, and in public places. It is a citizen’s commitment to adopt the appropriate measures to prevent the spread of disease.”

They also highlighted that given the decrease in lethality in the percentage of contagion, as well as the decrease in the occupation of hospital beds and in the use of intensive care units; there is no need to renew the state of emergency or the curfew, especially in view of the upcoming electoral process that requires a significant degree of freedom and participation by the population.

Commitment Santiago expressed that it is necessary to pass to the stage of living with a disease that will remain affecting humanity for a long time.

This information was released through a document signed by the Association of Industrialists of the North Region, Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production, Corporation of Santiago Free Zone, Association for Development (APEDI), Council for Strategic Development of the City and Municipality of Santiago, and the Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Santiago.

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