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Will Dominican Republic go to phase 3 of de-escalation this Wednesday? Public Health responds

Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas reported today that the decision to go to phase three of de-escalation will be made by the Ministry of Public Health in a meeting with President Danilo Medina, which will depend on the data provided by the evidence on the situation of the coronavirus.

“The final opinion on the move from one phase to the next is made and discussed in the presence of the President and the opinion of the Ministry will be made at that time when we present the evidence that tells us if we can move forward or should we contain this action,” said the official.

Sánchez Cárdenas noted that in recent days there has been a slight increase in COVID-19 cases in the country after phase two of de-escalation began.

It is recalled that, according to the schedule of the de-escalation that the Executive Power raised, phase three is scheduled to start this Wednesday, June 17.

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The situation of the coronavirus in the DR:

The official indicated that confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus rose to 23,271 with  309 new ones,  while the total number of deceased rose to 605, with 13 additional deaths, registered in the last 24 hours.

He added that there are 704 people hospitalized. 145 are in Intensive Care Units, of which 56 are on ventilation.

According to bulletin number 88 read by the minister, 14,025 people have recovered from COVID-19.

Also, the official reported that the press conferences  with the situation of the coronavirus in the country will be from Monday to Friday, not only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as they were doing a few weeks ago.

Sánchez Cárdena said that this measure was taken due to the slight increase in cases in recent days when phase two of de-escalation began.

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