Health April 8, 2021 | 2:41 pm

Dominican Republic adds 1,094 new cases of coronavirus and 9 deaths (3 in last 24 hrs)

The Ministry of Public Health notified this Thursday 1,094 new cases of coronavirus and nine deaths due to the disease, 3 of which correspond to the last 24 hours.

Authorities have registered 3,378 deaths due to covid-19 since March 2020. Mortality per million people stands at 323.30. The case fatality rate is 1.32%.

Likewise, through bulletin 385, the Epidemiology authorities reported 14,749 samples taken in the last 24 hours, and since the pandemic began, 1,336,261 samples have been dispensed.

They added that, of the total number of samples processed, 11,116 were first-time samples and 3,633 were subsequent samples, 14,326 were PCR samples, and 423 were antigenic samples.

Active covid-19 cases total 37,248, and the total number of registered cases is 256,031. Recovered patients number 215,405 and discharged patients number 1,080,230.

The daily positivity rate is shown at 9.84%, and in the last four weeks, positivity has been 9.98%.

Hospital occupancy has a percentage of 20%, which implies that 481 of the 2389 beds available are occupied.

The intensive care unit beds are at 33% occupancy, representing 162 of the 487 beds available. Meanwhile, in the use of ventilators, the occupancy rate is 26%, 101 people connected out of 391.

Risk groups. The number of health workers reported positive for the disease is 748. The number of pregnant women is 360, and some 27,853 children under 20 years of age have tested positive for covid-19.

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