Health September 4, 2023 | 12:25 pm

Dominican Week for Prevention and Support of Trauma and Accidents is launched

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic has a significant issue with trauma-related morbidity and mortality, particularly affecting the working-age population, and holds a troubling global ranking for traffic accident-related fatalities.

To address this concern, the social entrepreneurship project #TraumaRD, along with the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University and the Dominican Academy of Medicine, is leading the “Dominican Trauma Week” initiative.

The campaign aims to foster collaboration among academia, public, and private sectors to tackle the significant public health challenge posed by traumas and accidents.

Dr. Amado Alejandro Báez, an expert in emergency medicine and trauma critical care, is a key figure behind TraumaRD and Trauma Week, emphasizing the urgency of addressing trauma as a critical problem impacting Dominican public health.

Dr. Báez invites all Dominicans to participate by sharing personal stories, ideas, and solutions on social media using the hashtags #SemanaDeTraumaRD and #TRaumaWeekDR.

The Dominican Trauma Week 2023, organized by Drs. Luis Taveras, Alejandro Soto, and Marino Estrella include various activities throughout the week of September 4-10, 2023.

Activities include press and social media circuits, a virtual presentation on Road Accident Reduction, a Bleeding Control Course (Stop the Bleed), and a presentation of cases related to trauma surgery, emergencies, and critical care.

The week also involves the launch of the Dr. Tito Suero Portoreal Trauma Research Contest and an International Panel of Experts TraumaRD / SODOEM focused on solutions for trauma and accidents as a public health imperative.

Prominent panelists include Dr. Amado Alejandro Báez representing TraumaRD, Dr. Josué Hernández from SNS hospital emergencies, Dr. Ruddy de Gracia in charge of Prehospital care of the National Health Service (SNS), Dr. Luis Loro, President of ALACED, Dr. Víctor Rosario, Representative of the Dominican Society of Orthopedics, and Dr. Ouel Sosa, Representative of the Dominican College of Surgeons.

The overarching goal is to raise awareness and promote solutions for improving public health outcomes in the Dominican Republic related to trauma and accidents.

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