Health November 7, 2023 | 1:54 pm

70% of adults are overweight and obese, according to the FAO

Santo Domingo.- Rodrigo Castañeda, the representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the Dominican Republic, disclosed that a staggering 70% of the adult population in the country is overweight or obese. He emphasized the need for a healthy diet to combat obesity.

Castañeda highlighted the concerning statistics, noting that even among children, 31% of students are classified as obese or overweight. He pointed out that Latin America and the Caribbean grapple with double the obesity rates compared to Africa and three times more than Oceania, indicating a widespread issue in the entire region.

During a conference on “Sustainable Profits,” Castañeda explained that poor nutrition contributes to various health problems such as hypertension and cardiovascular issues. He also mentioned that FAO and the National Institute for Student Welfare (INABIE) are collaborating to ensure that the school menu for public school students is both nutritious and healthy, as part of their efforts to address this pressing health concern.

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Jo josh
November 7, 2023 2:01 pm

Too much processed food mainly from the US… Start eating non processed food and tout will lose weight. Start eating local and cut on the United American food

November 9, 2023 1:16 am
Reply to  Jo josh

I been traveling there for 8 years and I see that because of the lack of money they can only have few choices to eat. Salami etc… Everything is cooked in oils that are high in fat. A lot of starch is also consumed with little money this all they can afford .The women are the most heaviest it seems.