Health January 2, 2024 | 9:50 am

Dominican Republic issues decree to bolster pig production and disease management

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic has enacted a new decree aimed at enhancing pig production within the country. This measure is designed to provide a robust legal framework for the registration, surveillance, and early detection of diseases that could impact this vital sector. Additionally, the decree outlines the essential requirements for the management of waste and by-products in pig production.

In line with this decree, the Ministry of Agriculture is directed to prepare and issue regulations in accordance with Law no. 4030, dated January 13, 1955. These regulations will be specifically tailored to ensure compliance with article 1 of the decree, thereby facilitating better management and development of the pig production industry in the Dominican Republic. This move represents a significant step towards strengthening a key sector in the nation’s economy and ensuring the health and sustainability of its livestock.

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