Local January 19, 2011 | 7:36 am

WikiLeaks reveals Dominican leader’s fear of ex Haiti dictator’s return

Santo Domingo.- President Leonel Fernandez warned, in conversations with U.S. officials, against Jean Claude Duvalier’s return to Haiti amid the elections, and that the ex dictator’s return via the Dominican Republic couldn’t be allowed.

The concern of the leader of the Caribbean is in a WikiLeaks cable published by The Guardian, in reference to a February 6, 2006, report, from Santo Domingo, by then U.S. Embassy Commercial attaché, Lisa Kubiske, now in Brazil, who also informed Washington that Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales notified the Dominican Embassy in Port-au-Prince on the political problems the return of Duvalier and former president Jean Bertrand Aristide would pose.

Kubiske stated the U.S. concern on the ex dictator’s possible return, as well as that of the also ousted Aristide. She said their return was “potentially provoking and could affect the new government’s capacity to establish itself.”

“If the elections were to be inconclusive, a return of either could certainly make things worse,” the diplomat said in reference to a conversation between president Fernandez and the U.S. diplomat Patrick Duffy.

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