Local January 27, 2011 | 8:02 am

Dominican leader again hints at new bid

Geneva.- President Leonel Fernandez yesterday reiterated that the people have the last word regarding his reelection and affirmed that he’s a servant of the Dominican nation.

“The people have the last word since I’m a servant of the Dominican nation. I will take refuge in democracy and the decision the citizens make,” the chief executive said when asked about his possible reelection bid.

A new bid by Fernandez would violate the Constitution he himself promoted, and his lack of a firm commitment has roiled the ruling party hopefuls

The also president of the ruling PLD party met with the leaders of the organization in Europe, to orient them on some topics, including the election of the candidates to deputies in the European Community, and on the current status of the ruling party.

Fernandez said he’s satisfied with the accomplishments during his six years in office.

He said when he took office in 2004 the country’s economic production of 20 billion dollars jumped to 53 billion six years later, which in his view means that Dominican Republic’ capacity to produce wealth almost tripled.

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