Local October 12, 2011 | 10:53 am

Main suspect released in case of gruesome murders

San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.- San Cristóbal district prosecutor Faustino Pulinario ordered the release of the cockfight businessman Winston Risik Rodriguez, charged with the murders of two men, whose dismembered bodies were found in several bags left along a span of the Palenque-Saint Cristóbal road in 2010.

The measure drew sharp rebuke from National Police Jose A. Polanco, who called Risik “a vulgar thug who’s been involved in organized crime for several years.”

Risik, after being handed over to his lawyer Duarte Canaán, said he’s willing to answer any questions in connection to the case.

Polanco said Risik was arrested after an arduous investigation which identified him as the mastermind behind the gruesome murders of Vladimir Paulino Consuegra and Marcos Figueroa. “This is an international, vulgar criminal, who became involved in drug trafficking, murder for hire and in crime organized in general.”

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