Local November 8, 2011 | 2:54 pm

Police bust ring hacked RD$19.9M from Santiago bank accounts

Santiago.- The Police announced the bust of an alleged ring of bank account hackers while trying to withdraw RD$19.0 million from five branches in Santiago, with six people in custody, a father and his son among them.

The Police said it arrested the alleged ring member Francisco Broch Castillo and his son Grever Ernesto Broch, Roberto Espinal Antonio, Rafael Rodriguez Tineo, Luis Damián Rodriguez Ortega and Dionis Antonio Silverio.

It said the suspects went to different bank branches at a coordinate hour, “to scam the depositors, obtaining RD$810,000.”

It adds that the father and son tried to take out RD$4.7 million; Silverio tried to withdraw RD$2.1 million; Espinal, Rodriguez and Rodriguez Ortega, tried to take 2.8 million pesos.

The added that Espinal also had four cards with blank magnets strips, used to clone credit cards. “For this fact, the Police is on the lookout for Luis Alcántara Medina, who managed to take out RD$810,000 from one of the branches.

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