Local November 9, 2011 | 11:38 am

Photo of “country’s owners’” henchmen surprises Police chief

Santo Domingo.- National Police Jose A. Polanco appeared surprised about a photo on the newspaper El Caribe headline Wednesday, and said he thought that violent attitude didn’t occur in countries of the Americas or Europe.

The photo clearly shows alleged members of urban bus and public car unions threatening with bats, a “pirate” who reportedly encroached into the route along the major thoroughfare V Centenario.

The photo depicts what has become a common sight in streets and roads nationwide, where the leaders of bus owner groups stage vilent and often deadly strikes with impunity, which has earned them the title of “the country’s owners.”

Nonetheless Polanco warned that the Police will treat those cases forcefully, and that the agents caught helping the thugs will be fired.

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