Local November 28, 2011 | 2:14 pm

We’d best pay attention to climatic change, ecologist warns

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic is the world’s eighth most punished country by the effects of climatic change, according to studies from OXFAM, which reveal that as an island-nation its most grave concern is a higher sea level which could cover some coastal zones.

OXFAM campaign director Silvio Minier said this has a disastrous effect on the country’s economy. That “70% of the Caribbean population lives and works in coastal zones, which also has the most infrastructure, such as highways, airports and ports.”

The data was disclosed during OXFAM’s “Climatic Change Familiarization Day” in the Mirador Sur Park on Sunday, with the support of several organizations.

The ecologist said it’s up to us all to contribute to mitigate the effects of climatic change because we have all contributed to the problem in one way or another, noting that Dominican Republic discharges 3 percent of greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer.

Minier added that conferences on the climate are the source of policies and serve as the economic support to negotiate with the world’s most polluting countries.

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