Local December 1, 2011 | 5:06 pm

Immigration chief slams other agencies for Haitian children in the streets

Santo Domingo.- Immigration Agency director Jose Ricardo Taveras on Thursday blamed the Armed Forces Ministry and the Children Services Agency (Conani) for the many undocumented Haitian children and adults in Dominican streets.

When a reporter asked the official if Immigration sought to wash its hands by blaming other agencies for the situation, he said it isn’t just a problem for his department, but the others which must do their part. “It’s not question of washing our hands. It’s necessary to see it in an integral manner; it’s the work of all.”

As to the Haitian children who wander the streets, Taveras said it’s for Conani to decide, because international agreements regulate the treatment of children and which Immigration cannot violate.

He said 50 children picked up begging in the streets were returned to Haiti this year, but returned through various routes, for which he asked the population not to give handouts to those youngsters because in his view it’s a false solidarity. “To give money in the streets to children is to finance an industry of children,” adding that it contributes to turning minors into future criminals.

As to the Haitian adults, Taveras blamed the courts, for in his view easily releasing rings that that deal with people in the country. He said they’ve charged several groups for that practice this year “but have all been released.”

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