Local January 6, 2012 | 11:04 am

Journalist of hacked news source slams Police foot-dragging

Santo Domingo.- The journalist Jose Tejada Gomez (Cheo) on Friday criticized what he called the National Police’s lack of response to his denunciation of hacking of his news Website Diariodigitalrd.com, which in his view is evidence that it isn’t capable of dealing with cybernetic crimes.

In a public letter, Tejada refers to statements by Police spokesman Maximo Baez, who said that more than 90% of the technological crime cases denounced to Police are solved by its Technological Crimes Unit.

The journalists noted that while the Police has detained at least 12 people on charges of hacking the electronic accounts of politicians, business leaders, diplomats, government accounts, media executives, journalists, and prelates, "but the serious case of Diariodigitalrd.com isn’t in that group.”

Tejada said he formally denounced the hacking of his email account and even his news source’s server to the Technological Crimes Unit, but has yet to receive an response.

“Now I understand better why citizens go to the media to denounce their problems and not to the National Police. I could’ve scandalized with the case, I had the means and the relations, but I decided on prudence, I went to the Police and left the investigation unfold. The result in two denounced cases? Nothing."

The journalist added that the hackers eliminated his main Google account and took over his Twitter account @diariodigitalrd, "so if you look for it the thieves have put it up for sale, while the more than 5,000 subscribers were taken over by someone who goes by the name of @Juddy_slack."

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