Local January 19, 2012 | 4:49 am

Catholic bishops slam rampant corruption, politicos’ mediocrity

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Catholic Church yesterday blamed the rampant corruption and the politicians’ mediocrity, for the nation’s moral crisis, generalized violence, especially against woman and the family, the uncertainty of wages and basic services.

In its pastoral letter to mark the Virgin of La Altagracia celebrations of January 21, the Dominican Episcopal Conference (CED) reiterated its commitment to contribute so Dominicans to have a morally healthier, fraternal, lawful and equitable nation.

For the bishops, more than the economic, financial and political crisis, what most concerns humanity is the moral and human crisis, stemming from the great social ills that destroy the family and social coexistence.

“As priests and bishops, what concerns us is that this moral and human crisis has been taking root in the national soul, originating an increasing wave of violence and social decomposition,” said Santo Domingo archbishop and CED president cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, who read the document.

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