Local February 1, 2012 | 11:50 am

Two local airlines default on debts in the millions, diariolibre.com reports

Santo Domingo.- All flight operations of the airlines Pawa Dominicana and Acerca from and to Caracas, Venezuela, Curacao and Aruba, were suspended because of millions in debts in the country, leaving passengers with booked flights stranded for several days in Las Americas International Airport, without any response from their executives.

News source diariolibre.com reports that the two carriers owe more than two million dollars just to the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute, and have commitments pending with the Airport Departments and the airports management company Aerodom.

In Pawa’s case, the media outlet said the company even runs the risk that the U.S. authorities cancel its permit to fly to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, because its pilots have their flight time expired and must renew it.

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