Local February 10, 2012 | 2:38 pm

Playa Grande resort denies halting access to beach

Santo Domingo.- The Playa Grande resort (north) on Thursday denied in halted the access to the beach, as the Dominican Surfers Federation denounced Wednesday.

In a letter to newspaper Hoy Editor-in-chief Bienvenido Alvarez Vega and to DT, the resort lists some details of its position regarding people’s unhindered access to the beach.

“Our company has neither limited the access to any person to the development Paya Grande’s beaches, nor to the surfers. We consider that Playa Grande, and all Dominican beaches, as contained in our Constitution, which are of free access and don’t seek to privatize it.”

The resort said its various units have obtained the Environmental and Municipal permits and are currently in the process of building a public parking area for buses and private vehicles, “and the corresponding public access path to them from the main highway.”

“These works also include the construction of modern structures for women’s and men’s bathrooms, among other public facilities, which in addition to making the use more pleasant beaches, would assure one better hygiene and health to visitors,” said the letter signed by Playa Grande Project Director Adolfo Ramirez.

“Costa Norte at Playa Grande Hotel Boutique y Residencial considers these works of conditioning and modernization of the access to public beaches an important contribution to the community, and evidence of its continuous commitment to obtaining a sustainable and integral development for the zone,” the resort said.

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