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Bounced out of the US, local gangsters set up shop in Spain, ABC.es.

Santo Domingo.- Two gangs of Dominican contract killers and thieves which assault houses of rival cartels of compatriots, steal their drugs to sell in Latin American enclaves in Madrid, Spain news source ABC.es denounced yesterday.

In its report “The disembarkation of the Metrallas,” it said the Madrid Police detected the criminal network a few months ago and arrested more than a dozen, whom it affirms belong to the gangs “Metrallas” and “Tigres.”

The authorities also suspect that at least two other groups could be operating. “Many had been expelled from the US after having committed homicides and cruel acts of vengeance among members of rival drug cartels. Now, in Spain and especially in Madrid, they look to make a living the only way they know, breaking the law.”

The article by Carlos Hidalgo notes that the key ringleaders, “Jimmy” and “Wellington,” have left a bloody trail in the United States as well as well as in the European country.

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The spokesmen of the Dominican National Police Maximo Báez, and of the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD), Roberto Lebrón, cited by newspaper Listin Diario, Monday night said they could provide details today Tuesday, on Jimmy” and “Wellington,” whose faces appear in Spain with DNCD mug shots.

The detainees were identified as Miguel Carballo and Carlos Báez, who ABS.es says are linked to those “dangerous gangs.”

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