Local March 1, 2012 | 8:16 am

The country’s first presidential candidates’ debate on April 17

SANTO DOMINGO.- Dominican Republic’s first presidential candidates’ debate in its recent history will take place April 17, between Danilo Medina, of the ruling PLD party, and Hipólito Mejía, of the opposition PRD.

The announcement was made Wednesday by the president of the young business leaders grouped in ANJE, Manuel Cabral, who said the rules for the debate it will host are being discussed with the two campaigns. "We’ve been holding meetings with representatives of both candidates’ teams, discussing the rules, norms and the manner in which the debate will be staged.”

Cabral revealed that both candidates have separately confirmed their participation and only need to agree on the additional rules and details, revealing that a U.S. TV network might be in charge of the event, but didn’t specify which.

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