Local March 12, 2012 | 8:14 am

Heightened tension, protests continue on Haitian side of border

Dajabón, Dominican Republic.- Protests continued in several Haiti towns near the northern Dominican border Sunday, as heightened tension spurred Dominicans who work there to return to their country via the Dajabón crossing.

Meanwhile Dominican ambassador in Haiti Rubén Silié told local media that starting today the staff of the consulate at Ouanaminthe in Haiti, located just 600 meters from Dajabón, will return to work, one day after having left on security concerns, aggressions and alleged kidnapping and death threats from Haitian demonstrators.

He said the two governments solved the standoff between Dominican and Haitian truck drivers and the activities along the entire border are expected to return to normal Monday.

On Sunday the Foreign Relations Ministry said it hasn’t been necessary to evacuate the consulate at Ouanaminthe thus far, and noted that the employees as usual spent the night in Dajabón.

News source listin.com.do reports that a bus of the company Caribe Tours full of passengers from Santo Domingo and Santiago headed to Cape Haitien, had to return, as the incidents and lack of security in northern and northeastern towns in Haiti.

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