Local March 14, 2012 | 7:55 am

Hispaniola bishops condemn Haiti violence, deny Dominican racism

Santo Domingo. – Haiti’s Conference of Bishops (CEH) on Tuesday rejected allegation that the Dominican population conducts a racist campaign against undocumented nationals of the neighboring nation who cross the border in search of work.

CEH president bishop Chibly Langlois said generalized racism cannot be attributed to the Dominican population and the acts of violence against Haitians in this country are isolated and not by the overall population.

Both Langlois and Dominican par cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, speaking with journalists at the end of the 11th Conference of Bishops from both nations, demanded a halt to the latest violence on the Haiti side of the border and also agreed that it hinders that country’s reconstruction.

Langlois asked the Haitian groups to stop theviolence against Dominicans and asked that his country’s authorities intervene.

Lopez Rodriguez said the incidents aren’t convenient for any of the countries, and asked both governments to stop them.

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