Local April 2, 2012 | 8:52 am

Political parties receive funds from Central Electoral Board

Santo Domingo.– The Central Electoral Board (JCE) on Sunday delivered to the political parties part of the RD$1.403 billion with which the State finances the parties’ political campaigns.

According to the disbursement, which was done by the JCE secretary general Ramon Hilario Espiñeira and financial director Diomedes Ogando, the Dominican Revolutionary Party received RD$175,791,777 of the RD$373,628,049.33 to which it was entitled, after the deductions for pending debts.

The Social Christian Reformist Party received RD$323, 567,021; the PQDC RD$17,605,673.17; the PRSD RD$13, 373,318.35; the PTD RD$12,827,256 and the ASD RD$8,587,408.51.

The PLE received RD$10,876,880.56; Alianza País RD$8, 018, 392.85; the APD RD$19,398,982.77, the FNP RD$7,450,940.32, MODA RD$19,408,686.82; the PDI RD$10,945,086.22; the PDP RD$11,514,298.43 the PCR RD$10, 999,428.93, and Dominicanos for a Change RD$11,993,401.55.

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