Local April 24, 2012 | 8:06 am

Dominican Government knew of death threat against prominent journalist

Santo Domingo.- The Presidency’s Press director Rafael Núñez on Tuesday revealed that the Government received information on the alleged threat against the journalist Nuria Piera more than one month ago.

“The government has received information, but not confirmed,” the official said.

Núñez’s statement comes just hours after Piera expressed fear for her life on the alleged threat, and noted that she didn’t know whether it was from the government sector, or from the major opposition party.

He said the alleged threat prompted Francisco Javier Garcia, ruling PLD party presidential candidate Damilo Medina’s campaign chief, to offer Piera protection.

“The government has discarded the information. We get the information, we investigate it, we see that there’s no proof, so we reject it. It’s been more than one month ago,” the official said in the Hoy Mismo program, Channel 9.

When the journalist Cesar Medina asked Núñez to comment on ruling party senator Wilton Guerrero’s statement that members of the PRD party linked to drug trafficking are behind the plot, he described it as “extemporaneous.”

“What I’m revealing now occurred more than one month ago, before her denouncement against Felix Bautista, Wilton’s accusation is extemporaneous.”

Rejects offer for protection

The Press Director, after noting that Piera rejected the offer for protection, said the Government is obliged to provide protection, “for Nuria and for any other citizen.”

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