Local April 25, 2012 | 7:30 am

Opposition candidate’s threat against Supreme Court draws wide rebuke

Santo Domingo.- Three members of the National Magistrate Council (CNM) yesterday rebuked opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía’s pledge to if elected, remove several Supreme Court justices which he called “pelafustanes” (insignificant or mediocre people), because in his view reached the high court through political agreements.

Senate president Reinaldo Pared, Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinez, and opposition PRD party deputy Hugo Núñez defended the dignity and capacity of the Supreme Court’s justices and the manner in which they were chosen.

Perez said their professional quality and experience is a luxury for Dominican society, and even if Mejía is elected president on May 20 couldn’t change the high Court, because its justices were named for seven years. “Any change in the Court can be justified only by the commission of serious actions in the exercise of their functions, by resignation, death or incapacity.”

Mejia’s statement of seeking to remove some justices has drawn wide rebuke and stokes many sectors’ belief that it he returns to office the ex president would threaten State institutions.

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