Local May 7, 2012 | 11:56 am

Blaze chars at least 15 resort town businesses, dozens lose jobs

Santo Domingo.- Local authorities and the owners of at least 15 businesses including restaurants charred to ashes in a blaze in the resort stronghold Las Terrenas, Samaná will hold an emergency meeting Monday morning to assess the damages, and the impact which the loss of more than 70 jobs will have in the area.

Vice mayor Mariana Vanderhorst today said many of those ex workers are “crying” on the beach where the blaze swept through the resort towns’ main commercial plaza for tourists called “Pueblo de Pescadores” (fishermen town). “It destroyed all restaurants and discos staring from El Cayuco to the last one called La Sala.”

The official didn’t specify the cause of the fire or whether her municipality is responsible for having a working a fire truck.

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