Local May 10, 2012 | 9:04 am

Opposition party Informatics chief says Electoral Board boycotts data

Santo Domingo.- The Informatics Director of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party on Thursday accused the Central Electoral Board (JCE) of “boycotting” the delivery of data to their data processing center, adding that the elections entity and the Government are forging “an alliance against them.”

PRD party Informatics director Hiddekel Morrison admitted that his party’s technicians have yet to figure out how the alleged boycott was possible, but affirmed that it was confirmed by subsequent analysis. “We don’t understand how, but technically we made a post-test check and I reiterate that we’re being the victim of a boycott on the part of the JCE’s data delivery.”

When asked how the technical delegates allowed the PRD to be deceived on the delivery of data, Morrison didn’t specify but revealed that it was the reason behind presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia’s decision to install a leading edge informatics center “to prevent that form occurring again.”

“Hipolito Mejia has referred to this in the recent past, this is of concern, since with the perception and the surveys which was going to conclude with an alliance against us between the Government and the JCE,” Morrison said, interviewed Thursday morning by Cesar Medina and Luisin Mejia on Hoy Mismo Channel 9.

But despite Luisin Mejia’s pressing Morrison to provide specific facts to base his allegation, the PRD Informatics director opted to change the topic instead and describe the computer center’s technical capabilities.

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