Local May 14, 2012 | 10:28 am

Opposition party president’s siblings make urgent call for him to join campaign

Santo Domingo.- Opposition PRD party president Miguel Vargas has yet to respond to his siblings call to join its candidate Hipólito Mejia’s campaign, as Vargas’ wife continues defending his absence on Twitter.

“Being an ardent supporter of a party doesn’t make you someone who doesn’t discern between good and evil. Dignity above all,” tweeted Vargas’ wife Angelita, with just seven days to the polls and has yet to voice his support for Mejía.

Vargas spokesman Nelson Marte told newspaper Listin when the PRD president returns from abroad there’ll be a response to the new reconciliation effort by the organization’s leaders.

Angelita’s statement, on Twitter @angelitagdv, comes one day after Mejía met with Vargas’ siblings the tycoons Tony and Janet Rivera in central La Vega, to announce their support and ask the PRD president to join the campaign.

“Miguel Vargas Maldonado’s physical integration in this final and crucial stage of the campaign will undoubtedly consolidate his leadership as president of the organization, and will avert the sinking of his brilliant and promising political career,” Tony Rivera said.

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