Local May 24, 2012 | 7:27 am

Defeated candidate eyes dialogue but without corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- Former president and defeated opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía yesterday said he’s willing to “create the conditions” for a discussion on the various national topics with Danilo Medina’s new administration.

Mejía, in a statement to the media, said he expects Medina to make good on his pledge of reaching out to the PRD leadership to agree on solutions to the country’s problems.

The ex chief executive said the country is in a stage for dialogue to maintain governance, as well as to democratize and organize its institutions to prevent a repeat of what he says were deplorable actions which in his view occurred in Sunday’s election.

“It’s always necessary to listen, it’s necessary to be aware that a dialogue must be produced, a person who has been through the presidency cannot be a person who’s improvising and taking belligerent attitudes,” Mejía said, but placed the condition that none of the current officials cited as corrupt be present in the dialogue.

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