Local May 24, 2012 | 2:38 pm

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Losing party targets its president as thirst for reprisal grows

Santo Domingo.- The choir of voices which asks for the head of Miguel Vargas, president of Dominican Republic’s biggest opposition party grows by the hour, in the aftermath of Sunday’s elections.

Several senior PRD leaders also demand a change of course after suffering its fifth consecutive defeat, spurring some to calling Vargas’s attitude of distancing from the heat of presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia’s campaign “treason.”

Some lawmakers of the PRD party have even called Vargas a cancer which the political organization must extirpate if it plans to compete in future elections.

Ex PRD senator and vice president Jesus Vasquez said treason is never forgiven regardless of who commits it. “Treason isn’t accepted in the divine order of God and we the human beings who believe in God have as a norm that you can commit any action in the life of a citizen, regardless of what it might be, except treason.”

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