Local May 28, 2012 | 10:59 am

The “country’s owners” want a piece of the opposition party

SANTO DOMINGO.- The powerful groups of bus owners Conatra and Fenatrano (CNT) have entered the fray for control of Dominican Republic’s major opposition party in the heels of defeat in the May 20 presidential election.

Dubbed the “country’s owners” for their often violent strikes which go unpunished, the heads of Fenatrano, Juan Hubieres, and of Conatra, Antonio Marte on Friday and today respectively have stated their willingness to help losing presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía expel PRD president Miguel Vargas, and take over the reins.

Marte said if Mejía doesn’t accept his request within the next 30 days, he himself will assume control because the PRD needs to clean itself of its alleged "bloodsucking traitors."

“We’re asking Hipólito Mejía to set a deadline of no longer than 30 days to convene the Executive Committee, or we’re going to assume the direction of the PRD, regardless of who’s opposed. We feel there are no more possibilities of having the traitors within party any longer," he said in a press conference in his offices on Independencia Av. Monday morning.

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