Local June 4, 2012 | 4:10 pm

Immigration: Violation of Haitians’ rights “obviously frivolous” charge

SANTO DOMINGO. – Immigration Agency director José R. Taveras on Monday denied that the Government or his department applies policies which violate human rights of Haitian citizens living in the country.

He said Immigration strictly enforces what Law 285-04 and its regulation stipulate and that called surprising that groups which claim solidarity with Haitians make this type of charge precisely when his agency is demanding that Dominican businesses cooperate with something they aren’t obliged to do, which is the financing of the documentation of their foreign employees to then regularize their status.

Taveras said it’s even stranger that Haiti ambassador Fritz Cineas supports these “obviously frivolous and ethereal” charges on the belief that human rights are above all migratory status.

He said Dominican Republic has in fact provided the fullest guarantees to all foreign citizens in its territory, including a significant costs of health from the illegal presence.

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